Social2Cash White Paper


Boost your sales with the help of social networks.


Whatever your area of business, you can deliver the right message, to the right client at the right time via the most appropriate channel, engage them efficiently and characterise their profile in your CRM thanks to Social2Cash. What are the outcomes? With Social2Cash you increase your
Do you know your clients and potential clients well? What do internet-users say about your brand, your company, and your interactions?

Social CRM is now the key to an effective marketing strategy. In concrete terms, social CRM allows you to capitalise on the social channel, drawing information from it which will make it possible to feed it. The data gathered via this channel makes it possible to monitor a client’s experience, detect buying behaviour, and achieve finer segmentation and targeting.

Social2Cash is intended for sales and marketing departments and offers advice, integration and support with social and digital marketing making it possible to maximise sales by coupling social networks and CRM. The reputation of a brand and the interactions a business has with its clients can now be quantified simply and logically!

The final result? With Social2Cash, you’ll boost your sales and provide a better level of service. Your real-time marketing actions will be better monitored and more effective on all digital and traditional channels…and can all be managed from a single digital platform!