Digital trends 2015 White paper

Digital trends 2015

A satirical and subjective directory of gurus & digital trends in 2015

When Harry met Sally, it had an impact in your living room… but when IT meets marketing, it has an impact on your business! WAX Interactive and SQLI Enterprise decode all the big digital trends of 2015 rooted in the coming together of marketing and information technology.

To all the digital warriors who want to triumph over the digital chimera in 2015, we offer this short subjective memo which can be described as a satirical directory of digital gurus, but also a genuine ammo kit, free of waffle and clichés, to inspire you and enable you to speak digital like a warrior, decode messages, and arm you with strong arguments and reinforce the impact of your discussions and conversations this year. Change management is first and foremost a battle of words, ideas and visions. Gather your strength and together we can win peace!

Digital trends 2015 Powerbook

Summary :

  • The 10 gurus you need to follow in 2015
  • The 10 brands/companies who are going to impress us is 2015
  • Three 2015 trends illustrated
    • Social CRM
    • Data marketing
    • Sales outlet digitalisation
  • 10 outrageous statements that we will hear (again) in 2015
  • The 10 buzzwords which will leave an impression in 2015
  • WEBliography