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Influencer marketing

Ever thought about the added value of influencer marketing for your brand or product? Wax is convinced that influencers might be not-to-oversee partners that could generate actual measurable results. We select the best matches for your brand (like we did for Hépar), organise funny challenges on TikTok for Advanced Power Solutions NV (look for #PowerYourDay), propose a long-term strategy (go check #MyBerryAlloc!) or organise impactful events like we did for the Yes! bars by Nestlé.

Advanced Power Solutions NV x TikTok

We are always in for a TikTok challenge. Especially when it’s for our powerful customer Advanced Power Solutions NV. To generate awareness about their new alkaline battery EVOLTA NEO among young photographers and gamers, we had a gut feeling that TikTok was the n°1 platform to pick. We selected several photographers and gamers, and asked them to amaze us with an EVOLTA NEO battery illusion. The results?? You can read all about this challenge and our approach in our case.

Dive in our full-on influencer strategy of BerryAlloc

BerryAlloc influencer strategy

BerryAlloc came to us with a wonderful opportunity to launch an influencer collaboration. To show the difference a floor can make, we … made a difference & proposed our full-on influencer strategy. Wax did not only define the influencer strategy but was also responsible for the entire execution: from contacting the right profiles, the organisation of the contest and the installation on-site, to the SEO proof blog posts and social media content afterwards. The result? Lots of stories, photos, video material, blog posts and social posts to post all year round & keep creating awareness. We love it when a brand takes the floor!

Just say YES!

When we were approached by a new Nestlé brand to define a digital strategy, ‘Yes!’ was our super cliché yet spontaneous reply. To generate awareness around the new & healthy Yes! bars, we proposed a collaboration with Belgian micro and macro influencers and an inspiring event, among other fabulous ideas. And Yes!, it succeeded. Read our case and discover the Wax approach for this product launch.


We said YES to a healthy and inspiring event with Belgian influencers
Our strategy for a long-term ambassadorship for Eau Thermale Avène

Eau Thermale Avène

Eau Thermale Avène asked our help to increase interactions with their brand and build a bigger community on Instagram. To have a real impact, Wax proposed a long-term ambassadorship with 5 Belgian influencers and activated them 6 times during the year. We decided to work with a mix of moms and millennials, to reach different target audiences. All the boxes were personalised, to make them extra relevant for the influencers and their audiences. We had a total potential reach of 45.700 followers in Flanders, and 81.100 in Wallonia. Together that makes more than 125.000 followers in Belgium. Smooth!

We are happy to be the digital partner of these magnificent brands

The logos of our biggest influencer clients

Curious about our influencer strategy and approach to help you reach your sales goals? Get in touch, and let’s see if it’s a match.