Senior Lean Enterprise Consultant

At SQLI Suisse SA, we federate the talents of unique individuals into strong and confident teams, so they can build a more generous future.
We’re looking for one or more men or women with powerful personalities and direct experience in leading corporate transformation for multinational enterprises, using the tools of the Lean Startup methodology and Design Thinking.

As a Senior Lean Enterprise Consultant, you will work at the forefront of our Experience Design team. You will:

  • Help articulate and reformulate our Enterprise Transformation service offering.
  • Lead our business development team in responding to client demand for Enterprise Transformation through Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Lean Innovation methodologies.
  • Help our clients formulate and implement custom strategies, roadmaps and tactics for their Enterprise Transformation.
  • Lead, train, mentor and coach cross-functional teams, including our own and the client’s diverse talents, through the rapid leveraging of Lean Enterprise tools and practices.
  • Speak about, write about, and embody the values of SQLI’s Experience Design team, thereby inspiring potential clients and potential colleagues to join in our vision and mission.

You have a decade or more of experience:

  • Evaluating the maturity level of corporate culture, and selecting the appropriate approaches to move it through the stages and phases of evolution toward a Lean Enterprise mindset.
  • Communicating empathetically, and establishing rapport, with professionals from the full range of corporate domains, from IT to marketing, sales, finance, operations and HR, and from the front-line to the C-suite.
  • Designing and facilitating small workshops as well as large events to rapidly give participants deeply visceral experiences of the activities and pace of the Lean Startup method.
  • Speaking to varied audiences about your and others’ real-life experiences, by telling engaging stories with passion and clarity, so as to create memorable moments and lead them into taking action.
  • Judiciously choosing the right mix of purity and pragmatism in order to effect real, lasting change, by leveraging the existing interests, desires, and cognitive biases of your audience.
  • Maintaining a strong sense of the ethical boundaries that matter, and a healthy appreciation for investing in long-term reputation, in your treatment of colleagues, clients, allies and adversaries.
  • Mentoring and coaching diverse, multidisciplinary teams into applying and leveraging lean methodologies to achieve tangible results and create measurable business value.
  • Leading and inspiring junior consultants, designers, developers and marketing experts, motivating them to give their best and grow into confident, skilled, senior consultants.

You also have:

  • Fluency in spoken and written business english and french, with a good grasp of nuanced qualifiers, common colloquialisms, figures of speech, and modern corporates.
  • Real-world experience with rapid iteration and prototyping, from co-founding one or more actual startups, and/or from participating extensively in events such as Startup Weekend, LeanStartupMachine, or hackathons.
  • A preference for a workplace culture based on openness, transparency, direct yet mindful feedback, and respect for diversity and originality.
  • Mastered three or more sets of user interface prototyping tools for Lean Startup experiments, such as interactive Keynote, Sketch, Adobe CS, Principle, POP, Balsamiq, Axure, InVision, etc.
  • Published industry-related articles, blog posts, podcast episodes, white papers, or other publications.

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