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Thousands of products supported on the femina.ch e-shopping platform

In October 2015, the Tamedia Publications romandes press group wanted to optimise the distribution of its partners' products on its femina.ch website. The main challenge: to develop a responsive design platform using an existing foundation, with the least impact possible on the rest of the website and which can display thousands of products.

"With the number of partnerships increasing, we wanted to optimise the offer by improving our partners' visibility."

“At the beginning, our partners’ products were displayed on the image carousel on the femina.ch website’s homepage.  The space was limited and could be optimised.

The idea was to then create a fully-fledged platform where all the products could be highlighted, before finding them on our referrer partners’ website,” explains Sophie Gygax, digital project manager at Tamedia Publications romandes.

“We met SQLI Switzerland’s WAX Interactive teams, and immediately appreciated their involvement and suggestions. We really felt that we were dealing with experts in their field,” she adds.

"Significant constraints to comply with"

“Our specifications were clear: we did not want to be affected by overly time-consuming operational initiatives.”

“Another major constraint was that as the femina.ch website was being developed with Drupal, we wanted the e-shopping platform to be as well, without disrupting the orderly functioning of the whole of the website.

The WAX consultants therefore developed a customised module for Drupal incorporating all the features required: front-end, back-end, back-office interfaces, logic, etc.,” says Sophie Gygax.

The WAX Interactive teams also had to be able to address the Marketing constraints in terms of front-end development.

“It involved putting in place a complex system of adverts dedicated to mobile (tablets and desktop), positioned in different places in the product grid, and that can be activated/disabled at any time without it disturbing the display. The challenge was met!” says our interlocutor.

"The WAX Interactive experts in particular put a lot into our project"

“We want to emphasise that the consultants we dealt with, were very involved in creating the e-shopping platform.

They were very responsive to our requests and demands, responsive to the proposals submitted, and were able to suggest to us the solutions best adapted to our expectations,” concludes Sophie Gygax.