Pizza Hut

When Pizza Hut meets its fans, they become part of the menu.

Whether a fan of the Regina, 4 cheese, Savoyard or Margarita, pizza has become a symbol of sharing. Those most qualified to talk about it are obviously the people who eat it.

How to bring together Pizza Hut and its fans?

Everyone has their favourite pizza toppings.

Working on that idea, WAX Interactive imagined an operation allowing everyone to submit their ideal recipe for a VERY INDIVIDUAL PIZZA to a vote among the pizza fan community.

Where did they meet?

On YouTube and Facebook, videos featuring the Belgian actor, Warre Borgmans, invited pizza fans to design their VERY INDIVIDUAL PIZZA on the campaign’s responsive site (

Their creations were then submitted to a community vote.

The designers of the top ten most popular recipes won a filmed master class to perfect their recipe and put it to the vote of a jury. The prizewinning pizza was added to the menu of all Pizza Huts in Belgium.

And in the end...

8,000 visitors on the day of the launch
150,000 page views
3,000 very individual pizza recipes
1 pizza with 100% approval added to the Pizza Hut menu

Their conclusions

Chantal Hanot

Marketing Director, Pizza Hut France & Belgium

WAX Interactive is the agency which went furthest in seeing the opportunities in terms of boosting the acquisition of fans with a dedicated website, videos, and thus playing a role in terms of virality. This concept is an excellent way to recruit fans and enrich our CRM.

Pieter-Jan Priem

Account Manager WAX Interactive Belgium

Through our expertise in the food industry and social networks, we imagined a creative, technical and engaging solution both in terms of concept and the content disseminated. The result was a good image and a viral, drive-to-store operation.

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