Content strategy : Maybelline New York – Get Spotted!

Content strategy

Maybelline New York deploys a content strategy to meet its targets

WAX Interactive Switzerland has implemented the "Spotted!" project for Maybelline New York. The site lays the foundation of content marketing strategy of the brand in Switzerland. It managed to bring together the shared values between the New York street style and women in Switzerland.A real treat for fans of fashion and beauty!

Our Assistance

Maybelline-SpottedThe challenge of this application was to create a story that remains anchored in the New York brand identity, but allows natural identification with innovative and current values ​​of the brand for women resident in Switzerland. WAX Interactive Switzerland has created a responsive website, whose form and content have been completely redesigned.

Indeed, a reappropriation of New Yorkers beauty codes is encouraged by the description of actual looks of some women in Switzerland. The site so displays a message of proximity and a human dimension through the faces of women who explain their look, their origins and their tastes.

The main challenge was of making possible the transposition of looks from the catwalk into outfits of Swiss streets without overly pushing products. A video gallery of tutorials for educational purposes and inspiration strengthens the added value of site content for users.



Maybelline-Spotted-MobileIn the center of intelligent content marketing strategy, the website helps maintain strong relationships with end customers of the brand in Switzerland, providing beauty tips and information around fashion similar to the brand universe .

To optimize the visibility of the project, the site also displays the Instagram hashtag #getspotted and capitalises on parallel viral actions of the brand on this social network.