Numerical strategy : Belgomilk knows its customers

Numerical strategy : Belgomilk knows its customers

Marketing actions driven to better customer knowledge

Belgomilk is a subsidiary of the Milcobel Group, a Belgian dairy cooperative and one of the largest dairy companies in Europe. Wax Interactive is in charge of the full digital strategy of the cheese brands 'Brugge Cheese' and ‘Nazareth Cheese’.

Understanding the consumer's needs an thoughts

Belgomilk-Mariette-CheesesKnow your customer
Belgomilk products are sold in retail and until 2012 Belgomilk didn’t know there customers.

Supreme quality
Convince people that Belgomilk products have the highest nutritional, sensory and functional quality.

Our solution

Conversation management
Day-to-day conversation management for the brands Brugge Cheese and Nazareth Cheese.

Facebook campaigns
The creation of games and marketing actions to recruit new fans and enrich the community database.

The launch of new brand websites for Brugge Cheese and Nazareth cheese.

Quick facts

Wax created a platform game with the mascot of ‘Mariette the cow’, as a launch of the rebranding of Belgomilk.

The game was played more than 110.000 times and an iPad app version was created.

Nazareth Cheese Games

The results

+ 30.000 fans - Increased reach of the communities of both brands on Facebook to more than 30.000 fans.
Increased engagement - Moreover there’s a high engagement of the community. Real cheese lovers!
Belgomilk knows its customers - As a result of several marketing actions, the brand better understands the needs and thoughts of its customers.