Content Marketing : AG Insurance reachs its costumers

Content Marketing : AG Insurance reachs its costumers

AG Insurance e-mail marketing

AG Insurance is the Belgian leader in insurance products (with 3 million customers).
Since 2014 Wax Interactive is in charge of the monthly newsletter, the contest of the month and member-get-member actions.

The context

An insurance company without direct contact with its clients
Insurance products from AG Insurance are sold only though brokers and partners. Therefore, AG doesn’t have direct contacts with its customers and can’t upsell or cross-sell other products.

Establish a direct communication
The aim of the project is to set-up a direct communication with the customers, in order to :

  • Create brand loyalty
  • Promote new insurance product offers

Boost sales
Each newsletter contains a specific promotion on an insurance product. Through the associated contests, people are motivated to inform their friends about AG Insurance and generate social sales.

Our solution

A responsive newsletter template

Monthly newsletter creation
Define each month a theme with 5 topics and 3 products to promote. Full copywriting, HTML slicing and newsletter sending.

Organize monthly contests to boost the recruitment of subscribers
Each month, we organize a contest that motivates people to subscribe to the newsletter.

During the first contest, 62% of people decided to opt-in to the newsletter. Less than 0,7% later unsubscribed.


40% opening rate each newsletter
11% click through rate each newsletter