A product design sprint to boost the launch of a project for Servier

Laboratoire servier

A product design sprint to boost the launch of a project for Servier

WAX Interactive organises a product design sprint to define the UX Design of a project for the pharmaceutical laboratory Servier

Relaunching a project to create a group organisational framework


Servier is France’s leading independent pharmaceutical laboratory. It employs nearly 22,000 people on five continents and in 148 countries.

In a context of changing culture and a search for global performance, Servier’s Management Team wanted to relaunch their ‘Group Organisational Framework’ project, as the first building block in an ecosystem of internal and external rules.

Defining the project's UX Design with a design thinking approach


WAX Interactive’s teams convinced Servier to boost the project launch with a Product Design Sprint – a concentrated design thinking approach – in order to define the UX design of the Group Organisational Framework.

Gathered in a war room on Servier’s premises, the multidisciplinary Sprint team included a selection of experts from WAX and various departments in the Servier group to imagine, design and test (with real users) an interactive prototype of the Group Organisational Framework, all in the space of just five days.

Thanks to the Product Design Sprint, it was possible to identify and design key concepts, approve the concepts with user tests, identify technical and functional needs, and approve the project internally following a presentation of the results.