A New Website For A Better Customer Experience

The Moteo Group, distributor of Suzuki motorcycles and accessories, turned to WAX Interactive to overhaul the user experience of its Suzuki 2 Wheels websites for Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal. WAX combined its digital strategy expertise with UX , UI design and search engine optimization knowledge. An agile methodology, with WAX employees working at the Moteo offices, ensured a project realization in only 8 weeks.

The context

Suzuki2Wheels wanted to offer a better experience to its website visitors and wanted to boost sales. WAX Interactive was selected among multiple candidates to accomplish this mission. Three main objectives were associated to this project:

  • An increase in test drive demands
  • Traffic development towards dealers/distributors
  • An increase in the number of catalog downloads

The Solution

A competitors benchmark allowed Suzuki to define a unique angle to better target its audience by answering to the needs of the visitors. To deliver the right information of each product and to propose interactions on each web page, WAX has defined 3 levels of requirements: strategic requirements (how the pages will support the strategic goals), functional requirements (what the visitor must be able to do) and information requirements (what a visitor should learn from a page).

To align the strategic objectives, the commercial interests, the existing infrastructure and the technical constraints, brand managers, IT and sales were involved in the UX Design phase. By creating sketches and mock-ups, the different teams could discuss the design and adapt the back-office if necessary to support the new front-end.

Each wireframe is completely interactive, which allowed the decision-makers to have a better view on the navigation and the linked pages and to obtain a more concrete visibility of the final product. This methodology allowed a clear vision and management of the project and to ensure a good understanding of the issues, the form and function across all involved parties.

The project development was divided into multiple sprints of two weeks eacht. During this timeframe, the proces was applied to a certain number of templates (UX design, UI design / production / integration). At the end of each sprint, the customer was able to test the result and could give his feedback immediately. This feedback was also taken into account for the next sprint.


Supreet Bahl

Digital Project Manager

I have been very impressed with our collaboration with Wax Interactive. The WAX team shares our level of enthusiasm for the project and has strived hard to go the extra mile in making sure all our requirements are taken into consideration and translated in to a high-quality final product. Their experience in digital has also helped us a great deal in understanding today’s customer expectation and technical requirements. Their agile approach towards the project ensures timely deliverables and close working of all stakeholders at every step of the project