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We help you to identify your needs and your issues, and help you to put the best suited technical solutions in place to address them.

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Digital Workplace

The WAX Interactive digital teams guide you in creating your digital workplace, in order to find the most suitable solution for your business.

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Digitisation Of Points Of Sale

With its 'Lab', WAX Interactive researches the best system to put in place to digitise your points of sale.

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IOT (Internet Of Things)

The 'Lab' teams at WAX Interactive anticipate changes in digital marketing and IOT with careful monitoring of innovation.


WAX's mission is to help with and accelerate your digital transformation by thinking about the development of your uses and establishing an organisation based around innovation.


WAX Interactive helps you to optimise your e-commerce business. WAX manages the roll-out, management and administration of e-commerce platforms.


WAX Interactive creates e-commerce websites with Prestashop, a PHP e-commerce platform which makes setting up a store easier, to get your products to market more quickly.


The WAX Interactive teams use Hybris to facilitate the implementation and integration of the content into your current systems.


We develop e-commerce websites with Magento, a PHP e-commerce platform which makes specific developments possible with the aim of rolling out effective sales solutions.


Drupal is a robust, flexible, and effective CMS. WAX Interactive develops projects and 'custom' modules on Drupal 7 and 8 as well as migrations of versions and graphic overhauls.


WordPress is the most widely used CMS in the world. Aware of its strength, WAX Interactive builds quality projects which comply with the best front-end and back-end development practices.


Symfony is a high-quality, modern PHP CMS. WAX is fascinated by this technology and uses it to build complex applications for which a CMS would be a technical constraint.


The modern Web is being built: it is more dynamic and the rationale means that it is increasingly managed at the customer's end. WAX Interactive produces JavaScript libraries, jQuery plugins, 'SPA' a


Your website is designed with Web development using HTML5 and CSS3 as well as JQuery and J-S.


WAX Interactive is developing version 4.0 with Xamarin. Xamarin is a development platform that enables you use the language C# - an effective language on Android, IOS and Mac.


The WAX Interactive teams develop mobile applications with React Native, a hybrid mobile framework developed by Facebook.


WAX Interactive works with the most advanced tools in order to offer mobile application development for Android.


WAX Interactive offers IOS-dedicated mobile development to offer your users a complete solution.

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