Social2Cash : delivering on the promises of digital technology

Social2Cash : promises of digital technology

Unavoidable socials newxorks, but not insurmountable ...

Boost your sales through a CRM strategy based on concret interactions with social networks.

The use of social networks has continued to grow in recent years. Consumers’ engagement with brands has become a reality (180% growth from one year to the next on Facebook1) and companies are fighting to keep pace. But what is the point in having a community, even if it is dynamic and has a lot of members, if it is not categorised and cared for? For example, having 10,000 Facebook fans means nothing in itself if the community is not engaged and if the company does not capitalise on these interactions with its brand or brands.

New channel: new challenge

The advent of social networks has also contributed to the never-before-seen explosion in the amount of data, both structured and unstructured. Every day, 4.75 billion2 items are shared on Facebook and 400 million3 tweets are published on Twitter…and these are only the two most popular networks. What can we do in the face of this onslaught? How should we address the new problems caused by Big Data and move away from ‘buzz’ and concepts to a more pragmatic reality?

Luckily you are not limited to the boundaries of your social media ‘coverage’. By opting for a targeted and sensible social marketing strategy, you can obtain a better return on your investment by spurring the acquisition of new prospects and improving your understanding of your customers. And fortunately, the onslaught of data can be counterbalanced by technological tools that offer concrete approaches for addressing these complex problems.

  • 64% of web users say they trust the brands their friends interact with.
  • 74% of web users say they havea clearer perception of brands  that are active on Facebook

All this is indeed true…social networks are here to stay. They contain a wealth of information and we have access to powerful, technologically advanced tools. But this same view is held by the entire marketing ecosystem! It’s not until we deal with ROI-related issues that these views cross paths or even oppose each other.


Viewed as a generic concept, as a qualifying element of the new era in digital marketing, as a package offer, or simply as an operational hypothesis — reflects the (proven!) conviction that social networks can be used to generate real, tangible ROI that we modestly refer to as « cash ».


Social operations and segmentation

Some hide behind other kinds of profitability: RONI (Risk Of Non Investment), ROO (Return On Objective), KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)…. Of course, all these complementary types of profitability are beneficial for the company and they should be expanded on, but they must not override social networks’ primary contribution: better business performance based on higher sales. ROI first! This is our conviction.

ROI first! This is our conviction.

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