‘In Situ’ Observation

The WAX Interactive teams interview and observe users or target consumers to identify their behaviour and their actual uses.

Study Of Customer Behaviour

The ‘in situ’ observation is a study of the behaviour of the customer, consumer, user, or member of staff carried out by observing the latter in a real situation, in a context where they are buying, using and at work…

This ‘in context’ observation half way between a marketing study and an ethnographic study is an opportunity to go and decode uses, check the reality of behaviour and challenge preconceived ideas.

This method of study is particularly adapted to:

Understanding customer behaviour in sales areas (interactions with sellers, use of mobile phones in store, etc.).

Observation of practices in a mobile situation (in the street, on public transport, in cars, etc.).

Analysis of the staff’s processes in a company (sequence of tasks, tools used, annoyances and problems encountered day to day, etc.).

Organise An ‘In-Situ’ Observation

The ‘in-situ’ observation involves 3 stages:

1. Preparation: definition of the study objectives, identification of the practices to observe (behaviour, uses, etc.) and observation sites (living areas, habitats, workplaces, places people pass through, exterior, etc.).

2. Study site: observation of behaviour and possible recording (audio, photo or video).

3. Analysis and reporting: data consolidation, drafting and presentation of the results of the observation (with identification of recurring and representative behaviour).

At the end of the study, WAX Interactive produces a summary report, illustrated where required with photos and/or videos and which details the situations observed, recurring patterns, the problems encountered by the people observed, strategies for resolving (or getting round) problems, etc.

This report is accompanied by recommendations on how to address each issue, with ways of optimising processes or proposed corrections to optimise the overall experience.