The 3 traits I hire for (and the ones for which I don’t)

Team Spirit

I have been part of an extraordinary journey during the last 6 years at WAX Interactive Switzerland. Our team has grown from 3 to 35 talented people and I had the chance to meet and interview almost every new hire.

Today, hiring new team members is part of my job. I am delighted to meet new people, discover their stories, understand where they come from. It is a great source of learning.

Over the years, our team expanded and I understood that I needed a radical change in my recruitment approach. The transition from a small team of 10 to a group of 35 is a big deal. Interpersonal relationships evolve along with ways of working. I radically switched from a deep skillset analysis of each candidate to values and mindset.

You have a fast expanding team? Congratulations! 
If you’re having doubts about your hiring strategy, perhaps using these three traits will be helpful:

Team spirit

  • Collaboration: How does the candidate work with others, what tools and rituals do they use.
  • Shared goals: Check that they are in line with the team’s common values and beliefs.

Try to avoid: Lone wolves, candidates that are not team — and client — oriented.


  • Empathy: Do they have the ability to listen? Do they already show interest and curiosity about their coworkers’ jobs?
  • Transparency: What does transparency mean to them? Challenge their ability to receive feedback.

Try to avoid: Candidates that are not human-centered, or who lack optimism.

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