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Digital experience, UX and UI

Forget about ‘just a website’, we want to reach consumers at every possible digital touch point. That’s why our digital experience platform fits the unicity of the people visiting them, and why we’re running design sprints with customers to identify beneficial new services and approaches based on personas and experience mapping. We use both open source technologies like Drupal, as well as premium DXPs like SalesForce, Adobe and SAP. Casually dropping some names here: Airbus, Cointreau, Natan, Metalfire and Nespresso are satisfied clients.

A hot new website for Metalfire


New websites have always given us a warm feeling, but we were on fire when we could develop the new website for Metalfire. Their old website wasn’t bad, but could use a future-proof and modern touch-up. Visitors need to think right away: “Hey, this website looks like fire!” Discover the hot new Metalfire site here or read more about the Wax approach in our case!


When Cointreau wanted to get rid of their old-fashioned branding they asked Wax to develop a brand new site. One that could be edited much more easily by their international team of content marketeers. The result is a brand new front-end and back-end that is easy to use by unskilled Drupal Users. They even made it possible to add a content block directly on the front-end. Let’s raise a glass to that!

A new website for Coinitreau

We are happy to be the digital partner of these magnificent brands!

The logos of our biggest UX, UI and Digital Experience clients

Curious about our strategy and approach to help you reach your sales goals? Get in touch, and let’s see if it’s a match.