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Working on a project that includes holidays and fun outdoor activities: this makes us look forward to a vacation even more! Staycation or glamping: we put some fresh glamour into Floreal’s digital presence, thanks to a fully developed 360° digital experience: a newly developed website, and a sparkling digital marketing plan. Let’s explore!

Floreal - Tourism for All

The Floreal Group is a non-profit travel organisation with a rich heritage. Founded in 1939 they aim to create a fun holiday experience for everyone; hence their tagline “Tourism for All”.

They offer a wide variety of holiday parks, campsites and B2B accommodation, so whatever floats your boat they are happy to oblige.  

What did Floreal have in mind?

Floreal wanted an experienced digital partner with strategic and technical know-how to optimise their digital experience. Initially they focussed on social and traffic performance to ultimately generate bookings. 

The all-in Wax experience

Wax presented them with an all-in 360° digital experience: a state of the art Drupal 9 website - compatible with their existing systems and completely SEO-proof - and a digital marketing strategy across different platforms to generate traffic to their website.

Together with a stunning digital design that we could use to unify all digital communications, Floreal gladly hopped aboard. Our destination was set: a user-friendly website and conversion-driven marketing plan with an inspirational visual style.

An appealing Drupal 9 website

During the design phase for the website we first did a digital rebranding; the UX and UI aspects of a website are important to make an online visitor feel welcome and encourage them to browse and eventually book. Spending time with our design team to boost this customer journey on the website was time well spent. After an initial kick-off with Floreal to determine the main target audiences and tone of voice, we set to work. 

  • Dynamic templates: a dynamic page builder solution provides our client with endless customisable options thanks to reusable components. Using a system of reusable blocks, we break traditional fixed layouts, allowing the content manager to create unique pages that fit their purpose. Perfect for their content needs.
  • Seamless integration of external systems, like the Oracle® Hospitality Suite8 booking platform which allows our client to automate the registration of bookings inside their current workflow, avoiding manual operations.
  • An Actito newsletter integration that opens the door to more personalised communication to increase conversion by reaching the right interested parties.
  • SEO-proof: thanks to some thorough Keyword Research and identifying key landing pages, we provided them with focused copy. Additionally, the website has been fully optimized to match the current requirements towards Google Pagespeed, to allow the highest rating!
A mockup of the new Floreal website

A marketing plan with a view

Meanwhile our marketing experts went to work on creating social content to tempt audiences - like young families - to the website and book their holiday. The overall digital style we opted for is fresh and fun, just like a camping trip or staycation should be. 

Creating awareness is our main target during this first phase. To this end we created an array of inviting formats, each with their own platform focus: search ads for extra visibility, and videos and carousels on Facebook and Instagram to induce conversions. For their selection of B2B possibilities - events and activities - we switched it up and will use LinkedIn

At a later stage, we will focus on specific areas where Floreal is active, which makes good use of those UX-optimised web pages.

A Facebook carousel with different activities you can do at the Floreal locations

And we’re off!

The brand-new website (literally!) was launched at the end of April and we are roaring to launch our marketing adventure soon. 

Tempted to see what kind of digital journey Wax can take you on? Contact us for more information and we will be happy to work out a customised experience for you too!

The talents behind this project

Because teamwork makes the dream work. 

Jorge Spiessens

Jorge Spiessens

Lead developer

Sebastiaan Himpe

Key Account Manager

Lissa Simons

Lissa Simons


Wim Hoebeke

Wim Hoebeke

Head of Web

Tjorven Crevits

Tjorven Crevits

Project Manager

Stijn Hosdez

Stijn Hosdez

Community manager

Geoffrey Vandamme


Eline Cottyn

Eline Cottyn

Head of Design

Eline Van Der Gucht

Eline Van der Gucht


Koen Declerck

Koen Declerck


Joachim Kamoen

Joachim Kamoen

Art Director

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