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Header for Eleven Sports showing a collage of European Football players

Eleven Sports has been a Wax customer for several years now for whom we ongoing boost social selling campaigns. To attract new customers they frequently need new, themed web landing pages, preferably animated & built to convert. Because these pages are mostly related to partner deals or "time of the year" content, they need to be set-up superfast, but stay creative. Of course we could help them out - find out how we tackled their challenging demand!

The Big Bang: creating a design mockup

The briefing is clear and we have no time to lose. Let’s open Adobe XD and design the page. We created a new style guide using the new branding assets of Eleven. Thanks to the reuse of all the existing graphical assets (icons, pictures, etc.) we could save a lot of time. 2 small rounds of feedback was enough to get a final approval on the design.

From fancy design to HTML

The development was done by a designer. 

— “What?! You’re already so late in the planning and you’re telling me a designer did the development? Are you kidding me?” 

— “I know it’s surprising, but you’ll see later how we did it  ;-)” 

The whole HTML structure, the CSS and the JavaScript animations were made by one single designer! And we didn’t stop there;  we also did the tests, the SEO optimisation, and the publishing. The whole process took 5 to 6 days of work time. By a designer. Not kidding.

With surprising results

  • A landing page + a giveaway page designed and published online in less than 14 days.
  • 6 days of effective development time

More than 1,000 leads generated by the giveaway pages in 4 months

Mock-up of the Eleven Sports website on a Macbook surrounded by flat-lay screenshots from the website design

Let’s dig a bit deeper… How did we make it so fast?

A few months ago, we welcomed a new team member in the design team at Wax: Webflow. It's the designer’s best buddy. It's the one whom you can count on. He listens to our tortuous mind and executes CSS and JavaScript beautifully… 

— “But you already have a team of talented developers…why not just ask them?...”

— “Easy... Webflow will never replace real human developers. Let me tell the story…”

12 years ago...

Back in 2008-2009, when I started my first job, I was officially a “web designer”. That meant that my role was to create the mockups (in Photoshop) and to integrate them in HTML and CSS. At that time the architect was also the mason and the plumber. But along with the market demands and the evolution of the internet, this master skill was split up and we had to choose between designing websites OR building them. I chose the design path… but eventually missed the “dirty hand in the engine” thing quite a bit. Until no-code tools came on the market and Webflow in particular...

View of the Webflow webdesign and editing environment

So, Webflow - What’s that exactly? 

Webflow allows websites to be coded visually, managing all the code behind the scenes. The viewport is split into 3 main panels: the left one structures the HTML, the center panel gives a visual preview of your page, and the right panel allows you to tweak the CSS and animate your elements.

This paves the way for design-led websites that are 100% flexible and can be rapidly built and updated. Another key feature that Webflow offers is a fully integrated content management system (CMS). The Webflow CMS allows for an even more streamlined website and blog development by adopting a ‘content-first’ approach, bridging the design-content gap.

A pretty website that’s also easy to edit

Editing your content is a piece of cake with the Webflow Editor: no complex dashboards or disconnected back-end. That means you can create and edit content right on the page without having to navigate a messy content management system (looking at you, WordPress!). Adjusting and updating your content has never been easier.

Webflow is now part of our team 

I don’t need to mention that this tool is like a rough diamond in our designer hands. 

We can now create ‘design-first’ experiences. And I deliberately mention “experience” and not website. Because we can do so much more than a basic website. 

We know there is a demand for small/medium websites (landing pages, experience pages, …) for which traditional CMS development is too expensive and time consuming - as the budgets are lower but there are high requirements of fast-to-market. Webflow is the perfect call in this situation. 

A simple landing page with nice animations or transitions can be designed & developed in 5 to 6 days and by one single person.

And we are not alone, Webflow has a big and fast growing community, hours of video tutorials, and a University. 

On the customer side, the advantages are:

  • 100% custom, no templates
  • Quick delivery
  • SEA/SEO proof
  • Responsive
  • Easy to use thanks to the Webflow Editor
  • Clear and transparent
  • Secure

Long story short: Webflow is a game changer in the no-code world and this is just the beginning! Interested in a Webflow project? Get in touch with us & let’s see what we can do for you!

The talents behind this project

Because teamwork makes the dream work. 


Léonie De Strooper

Project Manager

Brecht Malfait

Brecht Malfait

Agency Manager

Guillaume Janne

Guillaume Janne

Art Director

Joachim Kamoen

Joachim Kamoen

Art Director

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