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Examples of banners we made for E5, Panasonic Batteries, eneloop, Collet&Go and Landrover

Website banners are almost as old as the internet. Do you - as a marketer - sometimes wonder whether they are still relevant these days? Nowadays, display advertising is still growing and is a worthwhile investment in your business strategy, if it’s done well. To compel someone to click on your display ad, you need the magical combo of a marvelous visual and top-notch copywriting. In this case we will let you peep at our banner approach of our top performing brands. Let’s go!

And nothing else Banners! 

But before we explore these cases, let’s refresh our memory with this quick introduction of the most common possibilities of digital bannering in 2021.

HTML 5 banners

This type is the future of banner advertising. An HTML 5 banner is entirely coded so you can include animations on your banner. This can be a fading intro, moving words, elements or images across the design. The end result is a dynamic banner that is mobile-ready, responsive and rich in features.

The classic static display banner

This type of banner is completely created by the advertiser or a designer. Its biggest advantage: the advertiser has a lot of freedom and control in the branding of the banner. However, this means that the creation costs are higher. They are also not as responsive and dynamic as a responsive display ad, discovery ad, or HTML 5 banner. Use this type of banner wisely at the right stage of the marketing funnel. You can read more about our approach of this type below, in the e5 mode case.

Example of a static banner made for E5
Set of Responsive Display Ads for e5

Responsive Display Ad

Besides uploading your own visuals, you can also opt for a responsive display ad. These ads often have the most reach out of all display ads because they automatically adjust in size, appearance and format to fit in any available ad space on the Google Display Network. Here we only upload a combination of headlines, assets and a logo. The Google machine learning algorithms will do the rest and determine the optimal combination for each placement.

Discovery Ads made for e5

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are quite new and will help you reach people who are ready to discover and engage with your brand. These ads look a bit more sober, just like responsive display ads. All you need to create them is a URL, at least 1 image and a logo. In addition, you can add up to 5 headlines and descriptions. Just like with the responsive search ads, Google will test which ones work best and show them more frequently. Discovery ads are displayed automatically on YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Discover, and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs using a single campaign. With its automated bidding options and visually appealing creatives, these campaigns help to reach up to 3 billion people across Google.

Native banner ads

These banners go hand in hand with your content marketing strategy. The message on this type of banner can contain a question, click bait title, or topic that generates interest towards a landing page. On this page, the website visitor will find an article - written by the advertiser - that tells a bit more about the topic, or an article that answers the question which has been asked on the banner. F.e. ‘The 5 advantages of our service?’ Or Susan became vegan: Here are 3 health benefits she immediately experienced’. Because the banners will be displayed on well-chosen content platforms, there is always the option to let their design and the design of the article blend in with the look and feel of this website

The conversation banners

Just like in real life, one-on-one conversations offer the opportunity to connect more with your audience. This type of display banner enters into a dialogue with the customer, and results in a much higher level of engagement. The big advantage of these banners is that they stand out much more when scrolling, and result in a higher engagement and conversion behaviour.

4 x Wax digital banner cases that made us proud

Optimising a banner campaign and strategy should be a straightforward task and we take it very seriously. A good example of our approach is e5 mode. Here, banners are used to communicate about sales or new collections. 

At the beginning of our collaboration, we mainly relied on 5 to 6 banner visuals made by e5 mode. Although these banners were visually very attractive we quickly noticed that the click-through rate of these visuals was a bit on the low side. To improve the results we switched the strategy of their banner campaign to responsive display ads. By using this format we tripled the click-through rate and we managed to cut the Cost per Click in half.

Example of a banner set made for e5

As soon as Google launched their new Discovery Ads format, we immediately released it on e5 mode. The results were skyrocketing: the click-through rate was even 4x bigger than the responsive display ads. This qualitative format ensures more conversions thanks to our targeting and the top-notch Google algorithm. 

But these great results don't mean the renouncement of the other formats. For e5 we currently use a combination of static banners, responsive display and discovery ads at the right stage in the marketing funnel. The static banners are much more branded and visually appealing and are thus perfect to use during the Sales period, while discovery ads and responsive display ads are more effective to show new collections or in the conversion phase. We have a strong feeling that this success fashion story isn’t over yet!

Collect&Go: Click and pick up!

Wax has helped in the digital evolution of this easy grocery shopping pick-up service for over a year now. Beside the fun always-on social media content we provide Collect&Go with, we’re also their partner to create animated HTML5 banners.

We try to start from the same fun approach we have on social media (both always-on and campaigns) and transform the nice social media visuals to an activating banner with dynamic elements. And because the creation of these banners is time-consuming, we’ve developed a nice flow to speed up our internal processes. The result: a happy customer and a happy designer!

Conversation banners to sell batteries

To promote the European sales of a battery A-brand we managed to make multilingual conversational banners that directly link to their webshop on Amazon. On the banner, we put questions and conversations that gauge what users are looking for and how the product can help them. Our lessons for a good conversational banner? Make it the human form of your brand, offer to the point content and talk about topics that are relevant for your audience. The target audiences were families with kids, gamers & early adopters, eco-conscious people, and photographers located in 5 European countries.

Jaguar Land Rover Asse: In pole position for awareness

To support the summer campaign of this local Belgian Jaguar-Land Rover dealer, we proposed banner marketing on top of the other platforms. The goal of the campaign was to increase awareness of the immediately available stock cars, both in their showroom and on their website. In this campaign we launched a combination of Google Display banners and Responsive Google Discovery banners. 

Brustor: Let’s conquer Europe!

You’ve probably already read about Brustor and their perfect shade in our previous case. These banners - which were made for Brustor, are also part of their European dealer marketing strategy. As the Brustor dealer network is quite extensive, we had to find a way to speed up the creation of the numerous banners. These banners were not only created in different languages, the dealer's name and logo also had to be on the screen. Wax wouldn’t be Wax if we hadn’t found a way to speed up our internal processes. At this moment we already launched a successful campaign in France and Germany.

Example of banner set made for Brustor

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