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Behind the scenes peek during a Wax recipe video shoot

Bang bang, my baby shot me down. The iconic lyrics of Nancy Sinatra. They often play when we do a shooting. Not on other people obviously. Video. We don’t have to tell you video is the way to go when you want to be visible on social media. That’s why we have our own shooting studio at the office.

Tasty flat-lay shoot for the Joriba Instagram feed

Fingerlicking delicioso

One of the things we loooove to do, are recipe shootings. So get ready to become hungry.

We started with food shoots a few years ago, because we received the question of a client to create awareness for their products, without it looking like an ad. It was a no-brainer. Sharing good, easy and fun recipes was the way to go.

Our role:

  • Search recipes
  • Look & feel
  • Shoot
  • Montage
  • Publish
Behind the scenes peek during a Wax recipe video shoot

From recipe to likes

Luckily we have an amazing team of community managers, including professional food bloggers, stylists and influencers who always keep their finger on the pulse to know what is trending in the world of food. They always find the most delicious and amazing-looking recipes. Then we spice them up with the products of our clients to make them even tastier.

Together with the design and video team the community managers set up a look-and-feel for the brand. We look for beautiful props, the right filming equipment and the best ingredients. A shooting plan gets drawn up, so we can work as organised as possible. And then we are good to go. In order to be cost-efficient, we shoot different recipes at a time. Framing it in a way you can use it for stories, squares and/or horizontal format at the same time. This requires a tremendous amount of concentration, because you have to think about the continuity, the editing, the cooking times, flavours, looks, and so on. Luckily our experts take care of that.

When everything is wrapped, we take the shots to editing. They make a social media first based edit; to get ultimate results and to keep the viewer's attention where it is wanted.

And it works. Because our content is tailor-made for social media, it’s published, and targeted the right way, we can keep the cost per Thruplay around €0,02. If it would be cheaper, it would be free.

The result of a finger licking food shoot for Lima

Get on top

We specialise in flat-lay videos and pictures. Internal results and experience prove this gives incredible results and makes people stop scrolling. If done correctly of course. 

The lighting needs to be right; a clear composition and the right elements that reinforce the presence of the product. And who knows, if you think in advance about what you want, we can shoot for your social media, website, print ads. Just think about the possibilities. It creates a consistency. And people will recognise your product more easily.

What’s next?

For the future we are always looking for new ideas, new workflows, etc. to get better results. We love to experiment and work on new stuff. So in the future we will keep making beautiful videos and images. Interested? Give us a shout-out and we’ll look how we can help you.

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