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‘Oh Corona, what have you done?’ The new virus took over our lives in the blink of an eye and required us to transform our daily routines rapidly, including our professional ones. Is your company ready for this rapid transformation? How can you adjust your marketing strategy to the upcoming weeks and months of uncertainty? We share 4 tips and digital opportunities in times of lockdown.

Flatlay of desk of Wax employee working from home during the Corona Lockdown


Working from home has become the new go-to in order to prevent rapid spread  of the virus. For some of us it’s a new way of working, others are already used to it. How to win at home working? Maintain your office routine and schedule and try to  keep work and private life separately. Key? Planning your day efficiently but as well: taking regular breaks.

On a more technical level, it’s essential that your company documents and files are centralised to smoothen the home working process. Does your company have a central server system that is accessible by a VPN? And without risk of overloading the servers when everybody’s using it simultaneously?. Alternatively, tools like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive are - excellent solutions to keep all the files in the cloud!

Laptop screen with Wax employees having a call using Google Meet and a phone showing one of our Microsoft Teams conversations.

Communication is key

Already missing your awesome co-workers and your daily  amounts of chatting, expertise or advice? E-mailing wouldn’t be too efficient, but luckily there are loads of great tools that allow you to chat, call or video-meet with your co-workers at any time of day.

Looking for the most handy homework tools? We have listed our 12 favourites. Most of them are free, but if you want to use all of the features, you might have to pay:

  • Google+ Hangouts (free): invite others with one simple link and have a video call with them. Integration with GMail.
  • Microsoft Teams (currently free for the first 6 months):  for internal use only. Chat, call or video call with your colleagues. 
  • Slack (free): You can set up channels for different purposes. Almost the same in usability as Teams, but most people prefer slack because of it’s smooth performance and fun vibe.
  • Zoom (free): Popular chat app that is best-known for offering video calls – including ones with huge numbers of people. The free tier has unlimited meetings, but these group chats are capped at 40 minutes.
  • Facebook Workplace (free): For photo and video calls within the company, plus file storage and transfer. But there's a premium version that will let you link Workplace up with other business tools.
    Compilation image with all Social Media & Design employees having remote breakfast during our monthly Knowledge Sharing Meeting
    • Microsoft Skype for Business is a good alternative to host video conferences with people outside of your business, like partners who don’t have access to GMail and thus can’t use Google Hangouts.
    • Trello (free) A great planning & organising tool for any team - no matter how far apart they are. Also great for to-do lists (which you can share). 
    • Dropbox (free): This was one of the first cloud storage applications before iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive. It excels at sharing files and folders easily over the web One of the essentials for remote working.
    • Evernote (free): Focus on what matters: get your notes organised without any effort. Take notes anywhere, share ideas and find information fast. Always useful even when you're not home working.
    • FocusBooster (free): To track your worked hours. The pomodore timer will make sure you’re working in effective bursts.
    • TeamViewer (free): Access others' computers remotely, if they have installed the  application too. A very reliable tool to access remote devices safely.
    • 1password (paid): Very useful when you use a lot of apps and platforms. All necessary passwords are available to everyone who needs them, but in the first place to you!

    At WAX we have daily conference calls on Teams with morning workouts to keep us fit, pause moments for a short break and knowledge sharing meetings (with breakfast!) to keep us informed about the latest trends on social media!

    Crisis communication post for Colruyt during the Corona outbreak in 2020

    Rethink your marketing strategy

    You probably advertise your products and services on all kinds of social media platforms?  In that case, you should rethink your digital strategy for the upcoming weeks and switch to a more flexible marketing plan. As people have drastically changed their habits and won’t have the ability or need to shop, you might consider stopping your running conversion or retargeting ads.

    Alternatively, you can still push towards your webshop or finally agree on the importance of an e-commerce environment. However we believe that these days, it’s in a better interest for your company to focus less on a performance-driven strategy and temporarily shift to a brand awareness approach, to strengthen your brand image. This period of lockdown is the perfect branding opportunity to show who you are and what you do instead of what you sell.

    What about the content on social media? As people stay at home and have more time to do stuff, this is the time to share more tips & tricks related to your brand or product, entertain your audience, share inspirational ideas with your audience which they can do with their family members. Or if you are a food brand: share recipes. Keep. Them. Busy!

    Example of a Facebook post created for Vandemoortele Business to communicate how their clients could reach them during the Corona Lockdown period

    Make a difference

    These days, people are shifting their ways to contact your company. Your website contact form a good start when people want to reach you, but social media and messenger platforms are way more flexible and eye-catching. Jump on the 2020 trend to extend your contact touch points  and make a difference by communicating quickly, openly and honestly

    Are your services or delivery terms suffering with delays? Be transparent. People will understand in times like these (and what are they rushing for anyways? #blijfinuwkot). Are people in need of your service? Why not consider making it free during this period, drop shipping fees or even propose  a new service? Restaurants are great examples: as people couldn’t visit them anymore, some of them started their own delivery or takeout service. A win-win for both company and customer!

    Finally, be as open and authentic as possible on how your company tackles this crisis by posting stories, pictures and videos of personal hygiene habits and new measures. Those small behind-the-scenes insights  do make a difference and if your company set an example, that’s a long term benefit. If you manage to be top of mind, your (new) customers will stay with you, even when this crisis is over.

    Of course the top priority for anyone out there will be to stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones (even if it’s from a distance!). It’s only by working together that we’ll limit the impact of Covid-19. #LetsDoThis. Want to share your thoughts? Contact us via and we"ll be happy to help you.

    You can also download our free webinar about how social media can save your brand, feel free to check it out!

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